Simulation Of Modeling And Distributed Simulation

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Fundamentals of Modeling and Distributed Simulation
(COSC 5377.401)

Summer II

Simulation on monitoring Environmental Pollution

- Harini Ramasahayam
Environment is the surrounding or the biosphere of the earth that consists of air, water and land in which humans, plants and animals live. Environmental pollution is defined as the presence of pollutants or impure substances in the environment that causes adverse effects and contaminate it. Environmental pollution is caused by human activities or by natural disasters. Some of the effects of environmental pollution are degradation of human health, global warming, ozone layer depletion, acid rain. This pollution causes imbalances in the environmental lifestyle and disturbs the ecosystem. Hence there is a need to monitor and control the growing environmental pollution with the help of simulation. Simulations are a special class of computer based mathematical models whose behavior is indicated by algorithms and equations, based on data and represented by some type of computer user interface. They develop the theoretical outputs based on varying input data.

A Multi-Scale Agent-based Distributed simulation Frame Distributed Simulation Framework for Groundwater Pollution Management Groundwater resources play an important role in human health and ecological perspectives but groundwater pollution continues to be a problem worldwide.
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