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1 Administrative Ethics Paper Shannan Eddings HCS/335 December 10, 2011 Joann Wilcox In the healthcare field there are many institutions that specialize in different methods of treatment such as a nursing assistant, dentist, pathologist, psychiatrist and physical therapists to name a few. With these different jobs and countless employees in the medical profession, there are plenty of patients to be cared for because everyone needs medical attention no matter if it is a broken arm or getting a tooth pulled, health care is a necessity. Patients come to the physician because of a problem that they are having and with that notion they are prepared to give full details of their problem. Giving information to the medical staff is a…show more content…
Hospitals and other medical facilities can possibly be sued for medical malpractice and negligence among other charges due to patient’s information being compromised. The inclusion of genetic testing into Electronic Health Records impacts the overall healthcare of patient’s because it informs the physicians and other medical professionals the selection of effective treatment or preventive action. A manager’s responsibilities are to implement policies to protect the confidentiality, privacy, and security of genetic tests results and information of patient’s. Policies contributing to potential discrimination acts are also advised because genetic/genomic testing reveals a patient’s physical characteristics. According to the HIPAA, several laws have been introduced to protect the rights of individuals with regard to accessing their personal information. Proposals such as patient’s having the right to control their personal files while at the same time, medical professionals can have access to pertinent information on a need to know basis. Controlled access gives the patient an opportunity to control disclosure of select information in the Electronic Health Record so that certain information can be available to health providers. The broad networking capabilities enabled by the internet
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