Sin In Nathaniel Hawthorne's Black Veil

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Just imagen you’re at the doctor’s office, and the doctors come to get you. But he’s wearing a black mask over half his face. You would probably be kind of scared and hesitant because you don’t know why he’s wearing the mask. Well that’s how most of the people felt in the minsters black veil story. They weren’t sure if he wore it for his own sin or is he wearing it to bear for other sins. I believe that Mr. Hooper was wearing the veil to bear others sins.
I believe that Hawthorne’s character Mr. Hooper has started to wear the black veil to bear others sin. If you read lines 70-92, Mr. Hooper tells his he congregation that everyone has their own deep dark hidden sins. Hawthorne adds how the other characters in the room begin to become nervous
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