Sin Nombre

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Sin Nombre, loosely translated as “without name”, is an independent film released in 2009 under the skillful direction of Cary Fukunaga. Fukunaga, a film graduate from New York University, also attended a French university and carries a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of California at Santa Cruz. During his studies and New York University, he made a short film titled Victoria Para Chino, a film about a group of immigrants who died in a refrigerated trailer when immigrating to America; The inspiration behind Sin Nombre came from that short film. In his first major production, Fukunaga continued his interest in the topic of immigration, and came up with the creation of Sin Nombre. The film follows both a young gangster of…show more content…
The authentic representations of the Mara Salvatrucha gang make a strong appeal to intrinsic ethos by displaying Fukunaga’s commitment and intelligence. It is important to establish intrinsic ethos within this film because it helps him gain his audience’s trust, which will greatly effect the overall acceptance of his argument. Fukunaga displays the results of his years of personal research by creating an extremely accurate representation of the gang’s culture. Through the use of several visual and audial elements, the audience is thrown into an experience as if they were experiencing the gang personally, as Fukunaga had. The authentic tattoos littering the bodies of the gangsters, the graffiti masking the walls of the cities and trains, and the reenactments of the brutal rituals and initiations of MS-13, along with the dialogue and hand signals, create both a shocking but authentic representation of the gang’s impact on Central America and Mexico. The tattoos were so authentic, in fact, that they put the actors from the film at risk. In an interview with Neal Conan of National Public Radio, Fukunaga explained the danger of sporting such tattoos: “We had to make sure that the tattoos for his face, and neck and hands, all of that needed to wash off and needed to be cleaned off before we send any of the actors home because they are real insignias and makes you a target.” Fukunaga’s ability to
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