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Ariah Quinonez Vesely ENGL1302.7 27 April 2017 Sin Sin can be interpreted in many different ways, one can choose to incorporate a religious belief, or another can simply rely on the right and wrong standards of a society. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word sin can be defined as an offense against religious or moral law (“Sin.” Merriam-Webster). According to my own accumulated knowledge and spiritual beliefs, sin is the failure to conform to the standard of perfection established by God. The seven deadly sins come to mind when discussing and interpreting the word sin. These sins haunt the lives of many human beings, and cause destruction, devastation, and remorse. The seven deadly sins include: Envy, the desire to have…show more content…
For example, the star of the popular television show, Man VS. Food, is extremely gluttonous. His meals are enough to feed a 4-member family of an undeveloped country in need. He over indulges by eating food mostly for pleasure and fame. Also, our music, Rappers of this century constantly rap lyrics about their lustful thoughts on women, gluttonous actions of liquor and drug consumption, and almost every single sin one could think of. I myself am even guilty of committing several of the seven deadly sins along with the entire human race.. An example of committing the concepts of the seven deadly sins, appears in the book titled The Great Gatsby. The entire plot, and characters’ values revolve around the 7 deadly sins. Gatsby and Tom both exemplify these sins. Gatsby’s desire for Daisy and his jealousy of the rich lifestyle, expresses envy. He thinks Tom doesn 't deserve Daisy, he wants her and will do anything to please her to win her over. Gatsby crafts himself as an image that begs to be desired just as he once desired it. Gluttony is showed when the people that come to the parties take advantage of all the offerings Gatsby supplies for them. They eat and drink and dance and party to excess, and take extreme advantage of the offerings of a man they don’t even know. In the book, there are many characters who are a bit more than well-off. Both Gatsby

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