Sinbad Dialectical Journal

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Memories of the night before became a vivid memory in the recesses of his dimly lit mind, underneath the sunlight's intruding yet blissful gaze and the sensation of silk against his bare skin felt like a euphoria, a river of midnight encased his slender figure and with the scrunch of his refined nose and furrowed knit of his thin eyebrows, he rose from his slumber. Delicate fingertips leisurely danced across the silken sheets which lost its assuaging warmth only to discern that he was gone, Padding through the spacious house far too big for two alone to fill, and too much of a burden for one to find comfort in. To see his lover, clad in a suit that managed to take his breath away immediately Sinbad need not a verbal answer to understand the longing gaze swimming in those pools of rich wine, how the feeling of his diminutive arms wrapped unflinchingly around his waist made ferocious butterflies attack him viciously, an awareness he long since could remember. It pained him so to leave Judal during the early hours of the morning meant for cuddling until the birds no longer sang their song of statement, in ill will of needing to leave─ he found himself unable to do so, it was worth the lecture and deathly glare Ja'far would more than likely grace him with upon reminding him of his absence, but Sinbad could not resist the few and far between wish of his dear lover.…show more content…
How his calloused fingers forever stained with the retentiveness of conflict brushed over his cheeks so lovingly it made Judal's quiver just slightly, his is eyes displayed kindness yet hid the true feeling of excruciating anguish, that of which Judal could not take away, and as his lips fitted his like an article of clothing, Judal could tell the unspoken story of many women whom had the pleasure of experiencing such a moment in the most intimate of ways, though Judal knew better that this moment was filled with nothing but admiration
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