Since Diversity Plays A Critical Role In Today’S Business

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Since diversity plays a critical role in today’s business world, it could create conflicts among team members in the organization. Conflicts can be separated into two types which are functional and dysfunctional conflicts. It can be either positively or negatively affect the team and organization, depending on its type (Tjosvold, 2008).
The first conflict type is functional conflict in which team members have different ideas and opinions for one issue and end up with the positive result to both parties. They brought up two different solutions and solve those issues together by face to face until acceptance and respecting for differences. Their aim is to explore and resolve the problems mutually and make it an opportunity for the company
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It could cause marketing team to have difficulties during the work process since sometimes it is impossible to follow everything project managers ask for.
2. Not enough resources: Departments will compete with each other for resources, including money, time, human resource and materials. This can cause teams to have conflicts between departments or other work groups. Valuable resources need to be protected, as well as distributed fairly among all the groups.
From my personal experience, most of the departments in the organization, especially project manager and integrated marketing communication manager would have conflict with each other due to the insufficient resources such as team budget. Each department manager would fight for the maximum budget they could have.
3. Interpersonal relationships: It can be occurred when people have different personalities and need to work together, resulting in conflict of interpersonal relationships. These kinds of conflict can be overcome if people understand with each other and deal with those issues before conflict happens. Case:
According to the sales team, salespersons have different personality which can create conflicts among them. Sometimes, it could cause the problem when they need to work together since they prefer not to talk directly, resulting in delaying work and reducing the work quality.
However, being in a conflict is not always caused a negative result. According to
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