Since Early College High School Was Founded In The Year

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Since Early College High School was founded in the year 2006, the school and its students have always been at disadvantage. The school has lacked several opportunities such sports, scholarship opportunities, etc. However, a topic that has been the spotlight of discussion amongst students over the course of eleven years has been the lack of extracurricular activities. This problem does not only affect students, but it rather affects faculty members as well. Although there has been a slow but gradual increase in solving this problem, this change has come forth at a lengthy rate. It has been 11 years since change has been prompted, and although the current students are benefiting from this change, there have been several generations of…show more content…
I conducted an interview with Dr. Martinez, the current principal of Early College High School explained that many of clubs that the school creates have become co-curricular activities or “classes” for two reasons: it easier to fund and to find a coordinator. Up until our interview, I was not aware of this process. However, I have witnessed this first hand as soccer was once an actual school sport, but it eventually became a class. Furthermore, Dr. Martinez noted that it is easier to get an extracurricular activity approved through either CCC or OCC than the school’s own district. Although the students do get to take part in an activity they have some interest in, it is rather considered a class rather than an extracurricular rather than an actual class. This becomes problematic because when students begin to apply for colleges, they are unable to consider as extracurricular because they are taking part in the extracurricular during the school schedule and not outside the classroom. Jeff Brenzel, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at Yale University, explains in an interview posted by CollegeBoard, he explains that many colleges prefer students that are well rounded such that they are doing well in academics and involved in an organization. However, he explains that they prefer students that are involved in a organization that they are interested regardless of how popular or how bizarre the organization. This then

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