Since The Beginning Of Human-Animal Interaction, There

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Since the beginning of human-animal interaction, there has been a one-sided power dynamic that cripples animal welfare for the egotistical goal of filling our human desires. Animals of all kinds die a painful death in order to become the burger on another obese child’s plate, the fur coat for yet another greed driven member of the one percent, and for the lab testing for the perfume of another heartless person. Humans have turned a blind eye to many a tragedy in the past, yet the injustice against animals is one that is overlooked each and everyday. The entire world has convinced itself that it the act of killing animals for any reason is justified with the anthropocentric alibi that nothing matters but human comfort and expansion.…show more content…
As we kill the cow to make burgers, we deny his own interests in sacrifice of our own superficial immoral demands. Another reason that it is immoral to kill and torture animals for our own gain is the belief that animals have their own intrinsic value. This value is present whether we choose to see it or not in all species. Though some in favor of speciesism may argue that it is only immoral to kill certain species of animals, it is actually wrong for all species to be killed because all species are equal in value. This intrinsic value is present in all animals and they must be respected for it. Regan transcribes “animals that concern us (the ones that are eaten and trapped, for example), they, too, must be viewed as the experiencing subjects of a life with inherent value of their own” (Regan 112). Humans may claim that no animal could share this inherent value. However, this self-centered viewpoint is blatantly wrong. To say this ignores members of our own species who are not as intelligent, physically fit, or beautiful as society’s standard. Yet, we do not condemn these beings to a torturous death. Speciesism is present in our minds whether we choose to accept it or not. We ignore the failures of certain members of our species simply because they are Homo sapiens, but we rob animals of their intrinsic value without a second thought. Regan goes on to say that “All who have inherent value have it equally, whether they be human animals or not”
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