Since The Legalization Of Abortion In 1973 In The Us, The

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Since the legalization of abortion in 1973 in the US, the practice has been considered a to be a medical procedure. Since then, 1.6 Million abortion procedures are done each year in the United States alone. Abortion was made legal as an effect of the feminist movement that clamored autonomy over the woman’s ability to procreate. C. Tietze published a book on abortion in 1981. The book provides an overview of the status of abortion. The researcher collated international data on abortion that encompasses public health, demographic, and policy points of view. Tietze’s work provided extensive tabulations of statistical data while discussing abortion laws and other policies. Tietze also provided demo graph characteristics such as residence,…show more content…
The researcher concludes this due to the presence of moral and ethical implications that go hand in hand with abortion.

Objective The research aims to provide an overview of the effects of abortion on mental health. This methodological review also aims to gather ample data sources that provide contrasting research on abortion in relation to its effects on mental health. The research also aims to provide a non-biased data that will allow readers to determine the effects of abortion.

Data Source For the research to achieve the objectives of the research review, the researcher scouted for reliable sources that are available online. These written works encompass online journals, editorials, and joint research. Online journals produced by Brenda Major, PhD, et al., and Nancy Adler, et al. The research is also extended to online articles form Time Magazine, and BBC which are considered credible news sites. The researcher also included impressive data gathered by who have tabulated the risks of mental health implications of abortion. Data gathered from the journal of Planned Parenthood Federation of America was also consulted by the researcher. As mentioned above, initial research by C. Tietze was also included. The reason behind the choice of data sources are the diversity of research data gathered. As the researcher aimed to provide a non-biased review that
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