Singapore: A Clean and Green City From “Garden City” to a “City in a Garden”

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Singapore: A Clean and Green City From “Garden City” to a “City in a Garden” Introduction Singapore is a city-state with a land area of about 710 km2i. It is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and yet, harbours rich natue biodiversity. Singapore is well recognized as the world’s greenest city. According to the 2011 Asian Green City Indexii, Singapore is Asia’s greenest metropolis, and the only city assessed to perform well above average in the overall rankings. The Singaporean government has championed a series of green initiatives in order to maintain its image as a green city since 1963. This year, 2013, marks 50 years of greening for Singapore. The City in a Garden that Singaporean enjoy today, with its vibrant…show more content…
Six Key Areas were identified to guide the city in fulfilling the vision. They are “Engage and inspire communities to co-create a greener Singapore”, “Enhance competencies of our landscape and horticulture”, “Enrich biodiversity in our urban environment”, “Establish world-class gardens”, “Optimize urban spaces for greenery and recreation” and “Rejuvenate urban parks and enliven streetscape”. As our city becomes more built-up, the continued planning for lush, landscaped spaces becomes all the more important as a relief from high-density, urban living. The City in a Garden vision has brought parks and green spaces right to the doorsteps of people’s homes and workplaces. It is estimated that at least 85% of Singapore’s households will live within 400 m of a park by 2030xii. National Parks Board has developed the Park Connector Network - a great system of trails and walking paths in connecting residents to parks and abundant nature. More prominently, it links the Central Business District to the main green spaces, where a diversity of different layers of trees and wildlife can be found. City Branding While environmental and social concerns are some major motives, another driving force of the greening policies is related to Singapore’s city branding. Both the Garden City and City in a

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