Singapore : A Small City State

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Singapore is a small city-state in Southeast Asia that has rich history because during the ages European, Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures have combined together by creating cultural diversity of this city. Cultural diversity is key factor that reveals the exclusivity of Singapore by attracting visitors and investments into city-state. Surprisingly, rapid economic grow of Singapore is greatly marvelous as it has been independent state of Britain since 1965. Since independence has been gotten the main predominant political power has become People’s Actions Party and has started a strategy to recover Singapore. Apparently, during 50 years period of time Singapore’s economy, political structure and social content have been reformed by…show more content…
Hence, Singapore’s city has valuable culture and history background that stimulate to stage different type of events. PAP has launched a strategy to rise economy through cultural events and this tactic is mainly based on events portfolio management and marketing areas. Singapore’s city events strategic plan is established on commercial (cultural and sport) occasions that improve economic growth and tourism demand, develop city’s infrastructure and provide advantageous promotion of Singapore’s image. The aim of this report is to analyze Singapore’s events contribution to pursue wider objectives and explain how useful has been city’s events strategy. 1 2. The background of city’s events strategy Event is useful tool not only to create enjoyment and satisfaction for people but as well to develop economic benefit to city ‘…organized gatherings were always an essential element of cultural, political and commercial life…’ (Davidson and Rogers, 2006, p2). Singapore’s events strategic objective is to achieve social and economic advantages of Singapore city through staged events. City’s event strategy has concentrated on the main point to achieve ‘Events and Entertainment Capital of Asia’ brand name and become Asia’s hub. Clearly, events strategic
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