Singapore Airlines Analysis

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SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES Air travel remains a large and growing industry. Despite being plagued by several factors such as overcapacity, commoditization of offerings and cutthroat rivalry to name a few, it facilitates economic growth, world trade, international investment and tourism. This case study will analyze the external factors affecting the airline industry, analyze the internal factors affecting Singapore International Airlines (SIA) and critically discuss the different generic strategies in the airline industry as well as the dual strategy adopted by SIA. External Analysis for SIA SIA’s macro environment is the wider context in which the airline industry exists. Due to the fact that SIA operates in an…show more content…
These include: 1. Service excellence SIA has been building up a strong brand image reflecting a high quality customer service which has worked thus far hence it should continue doing so 2. Promoting its modern fleet SIA was the launch customer of the Airbus A380 which is currently the world’s largest passenger aircraft thus allowing them to market the added value to the flying experience of customers in terms of luxury and comfort 3. Market research on competitors With the increase of low cost airlines, SIA has to position itself as an airline which differentiates itself from the rest that is an airline that provides service excellence. Hence, sufficient research on other airlines which also follow the same generic strategy of differentiation should be carried out for SIA to remain competitive 4. Market research on innovation In order to satisfy ever changing customer needs,
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