Singapore Airlines Apply to Differentiation Strategy

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Singapore Airlines - An Excellent Asian Brand
Think about one of the strongest brands from Asia, and chances are that Singapore Airlines and its long-serving, almost iconic Singapore Girl easily come to mind. Singapore Airlines has consistently been one of the most profitable airlines globally, and has always had the reputation of a trendsetter and industry challenger. There are several good reasons for this. Most relates directly to the strong brand management driven primarily by the Singapore Airlines boardroom and top-management, and the healthy brand equity as the result of a dedicated, professional brand strategy throughout a diversified, global organisation.
The Singapore Airlines brand has been instrumental for the airline from
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The social status of the Singapore Girl has also reached near-celebrity in Asia. This has allowed Singapore Airlines to be highly selective in the recruiting process for talent which has added further to the strength of the brand icon and the myth around it.
Communicating the message
Singapore Airlines has been as consistent in its communication vehicles as in its brand strategy. The primary message "Singapore Airlines - A Great Way to Fly" has been consistently conveyed in exclusive print media and also in selected TV-commercials of very high production value to underline the quality aspirations of brand. All communication messages are featured through the iconic Singapore Girl in different themes and settings.
When Singapore Airlines recently launched their comfortable Space Bed seats in business class, they ran a 60-second commercial of a highly emotional and mythical character to underline the aspiration of the brand and the Singapore Girl, and to set their airline brand apart from competition.
Interestingly, Singapore Airlines has chosen to focus on one aspect of the experiential brand strategy - in-flight hospitality and warmth featured by the Singapore Girl - rather than trying to communicate the entire brand benefits through its messages. A dangerous trap, which many other brands often fall into in their efforts to communicate all at once. This has led

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