Singapore And The New Xyz Co. Singapore

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Our team has received a great opportunity to prove ourselves by working abroad at the new XYZ Co. Singapore branch. We understand this is an important endeavor for the company and we aim to surpass our target goals reached in St. Louis. Because we are entering unfamiliar territory, I have researched three key topics that are pinpointed in this document: Hofstede’s Value Dimensions, doing business in Singapore and everyday living. Adjusting our current procedures to the standards and norms of Singapore will be essential to our success in this foreign society. By understanding these topics I have no doubt that we will be prepared for employment in Singapore.

Many important assumptions can be drawn from comparing Singapore and America’s scores on the Hofstede’s Value Dimensions. Power distance describes how people respond to inequality in power in society (Daft). Singapore scores high on power distance, at 74 compared to the U.S’s 40. This means that authority is centralized and control is to be expected ( An individualistic society is a society where individuals are expected to provide for themselves (Daft). Individualism ranks very low, scoring 20 compared to 91 in the U.S. This is where the biggest difference lies between American and Singapore. America is a highly individualistic society while Singapore is a collectivistic society. Mutual respect is expected and conflicts are to be avoided…

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