Singapore Education System or Sports Program

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Singapore is known internationally for its strong education system. It has been described as “world leading”. The nation’s many successes are found in the competitive edge of its people and governance but never in the area of sports. Since its independence in 1965, education and sports have been instrumental in the nation building process. This approach is likely a deliberate attempt to build a national culture and identity in a multi-cultural society. Sports and education provides a unifying ground and equality of opportunities for citizens to strive for a better future as well as to bond with a common interest. Sports as a social unification instrument have been ironically criticized for the nation’s inability to produce high-performing athletes. To expedite the nation’s sporting success, the Foreign Sports Talent (FST) scheme was introduced and frequently reviewed (The Straits Time, 2003, “Committee of supply” 2011, Foo, 2013). The implication of this scheme infiltrated into the school’s sporting scene that was replicated in school’s offering sport scholarships to foreign students even though their academic grades are not comparable to meet Singapore education standards. It is evident that citizens are not supportive of the scheme and the desire of Singaporeans is to develop home-grown talents.

As part of the economic development strategy, sports profile in Singapore was given renewed attention when the country won the right to host the inaugural Youth

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