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SINGAPORE Table of Contents Introduction3-4 The Education in Singapore5 School grades6 Top Universities 7 Scholarship 8 Government Scholarship9 Private funds9 The government of Singapore10-11 Ministries and responsibilities of ministers12 Culture and truism 13-15 language16 religion16-19 art20-21 The economy in Singapore21-22 budgeting and planning22 Labor23 Foreign labor23 Trading partner24 Currency, trade and investment regulation 25 Financial Center Development25 Singapore’s GDP and import and export 26-28 The Environment of Singapore 28 Climate overview28-29 Singapore’s Geography29 Conclusion30 References31 Introduction Republic of Singapore is a Southeast Asian island city-state off the southern…show more content…
In 2000 the Compulsory Education Act codified compulsory education for children of primary school age (excepting those with disabilities),[5] and made it a criminal offence for parents to fail to enroll their children in school and ensure their regular attendance.[6]Exemptions are allowed for homeschooling or full-time religious institutions, but parents must apply for exemption from the Ministry of Education and meet a minimum benchmark.[7] The main language of instruction in Singapore is English, which was officially designated the first language within the local education system in 1987.[8] English is the first language learned by half the children by the time they reach preschool age and becomes the primary medium of instruction by the time they reach primary school. Although Malay, Mandarin Chinese and Tamil are also official languages, English is the language of instruction for nearly all subjects except the official Mother Tongue languages and the literatures of those languages; these are generally not taught in English, although there is provision for the use of English at the initial stages. Certain schools, such as secondary schools under the Special Assistance Plan (SAP), encourage a richer use of the mother tongue and may occasionally teach subjects in Mandarin Chinese. A few

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