Singapore Health Policy

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1. Introduction 1.1 Executive Summary This project focuses on how the Singapore government helps its citizens to pay for their healthcare needs. The primary policy that will be discussed will be the Ministry of Health’s 3M framework and a policy analysis will be conducted based on it. A brief introduction of the development of this policy will be provided followed by an evaluation of the policy and recommendations on how to improve the policy. The report will be concluded with a discussion on the impacts that the policy brings about. 1.2 Background Public health care is an emotive issue that remains a major concern of the public in our country. With the rising costs of financing public healthcare systems and the pressing aging…show more content…
2.3 MediShield MediShield was introduced in 1990 as a low cost catastrophic illness insurance scheme aimed to help members meet medical expenses from major or prolonged illnesses, which could not be sufficiently covered by their Medisave balance. This scheme operates on a co-payment and deductible system to avoid problems associated with first-dollar, comprehensive insurance. It is operated by the Central Provident Fund Board (CPF). 2.4 MediFund Medifund was set up in April 1993 by the government as a means-tested endowment fund to help needy Singaporeans who are unable to pay for their medical expenses. Medifund acts as a safety net for those who cannot afford the subsidised bill charges, despite Medisave and MediShield coverage. 2.5 Role of the 3M framework in financing public health care systems The 3Ms framework plays a major role in helping Singaporean citizens to cope with the rising medical costs. With an integrated system of a compulsory savings fund (MediSave), a catastrophic medical insurance scheme (MediaShield) and a means tested medical expense assistance scheme, the 3Ms framework ensures that health care financing in Singapore is built upon a philosophy of shared responsibility between the individual and the society. 3. Development of the 3M framework 3.1 Purpose of the Policy The purpose of the 3M framework is aimed at helping Singaporeans to pay for their medical expenses. The financing philosophy of Singapore's healthcare delivery
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