Singapore 's Trade Between Singapore And Japan

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Two of the worlds leading economic countries accounted for more than three fourths of Singapore 's trade in services, while other smaller countries accounted for the remaining one fourth. Due to these foreign investments into the economy, Singapore was able to prosper. The Aegean Islands was the highest percentage of Singapore 's South Eastern Asian trade. As predicted by Stamford Raffles, Singapore succeeded in trade with the Aegean Islands, which made up 74% of Singapore 's overall trade in 1825. Towards the early 19th century, the Singapore economy began to benefit from one of the world leading powers. By the early 1930 's, Singapore had become the principal distributor of Japanese goods in Malaya, Thailand and Dutch East Indies. Elsewhere the increasing financial bond between Singapore and Japan is evident through their early trade and distribution. From the early entrepot trade economy of the British, a trading port where products could be imported, stored and trade, Singapore has continued to restructure itself and diversify with the inclusion of other foreign powers. Singapore’s wide range of foreign powers is what has allowed it to grow financially over seas. With the aid and investment of some of the most economically successful countries in the world, Singapore was able to grow. Singapore 's major trading partners were commercial services that would open possibilities for the future enterprises of Singapore. The industrialization of Singapore with the help…
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