Essay on Singapore's Separation from Malaysia

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Introduction. Talk about the ambiguity of the terms of Singapore's entry into Malaysia in 1963. -both countries and similar but vague goals, and saw the Merger as a mean to satisfy its own individual needs. .. It is generally agreed that the Separation was a political separation arising from the incompatibility of the political views of the Alliance-controlled central government and the state government of Singapore, the PAP. Political conflicts (Ref 1) Differences arose in regard to national goals  The PAP advocated social revolution. Merger of Singapore and Malaysia would bring about economic progress as well as political stability, economic modernization, and even social modernization, …show more content…
However, the PAP felt that there was no such agreement. Personal differences between the two Prime Ministers . Mr. Lee Kwan You and Tengku &#61607; Mr. Lee's "Malaysian Malaysia" . vs " Malay Malaysia" Peoples reaction towards the political parties &#61607; Malaysia - A mere mention of Mr. Lee's name was enough to arouse hostile shouts from Malay crowds, or indeed Malay legislators. (2) (Ref 1) Differences of a communal nature. Racial or communal issue &#61607; Singapore and Malaysia are different in their respective population structure and social culture. This led to different views and opinions on many social issues. &#61607; E.g People living in Singapore and Malaysia had different views on the communal term "equality."(1) Communal dispute 1 Lee's non-conmmunal Malaysia, with all races able to compete for political power on the basis of equality .( result in a dominant Chinese government.) - Malays felt safe in their political dominance, and fear a Chinese takeover. 2 second aspect of communal dispute centered around Malay rights and privileges, security and politically wise. <ul> <li> Lee attacked Malay privileges on the ground that these privileges only help a small group of Malay
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