Singers Portrait of Warsaw’s Krochmalna Street

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Singers Portrait of Warsaw’s Krochmalna Street In Shosha an amazingly descriptive book, Isaac Singer takes the reader on a journey through the life a young writer Aaron Greidnger, while also tracing the history of his people step by step from the time of Christ until post-holocaust. The novel bring to life unique characters that not only have unique personalities, but an unorthodox outlook on life. Being inspired by arguable every character, it was difficult choosing which to write about, with careful consideration I chose Shosha—Aarons first love, and Dr Morris Feitelzhon whom I now consider a genius just like Aaron did. The reason why I chose Shosha and Feitelzhon was because of their differences, they were significantly different…show more content…
The way Singer describes her would make me believe she is an angel from heaven. He says “Shosha had blonde hair that fell to her shoulders when she undid her braids. Her eyes were blue, her nose straight, her neck long. She took after her mother, who had been known as a beauty in her youth”, (p.9). Now the reader begins to see clearly why Aaron was attracted to Shosha, although Aaron was considered a prodigy and Shosha a fool who got expelled from school, their difference brought them closer. Knowing Aaron had very restricted childhood, due to religious laws instilled by his Father, it is easier to understand why Shosha was his means to get away, to go to another world where her was free, freedom he could only find in his favorite literature. He was able not only to get away from his religious home but also the people that bullied him, Shosha became his safe zone, a space he could find in no other person. Shosha’s presence being his safe zone made her the unusual fit for Aaron, unusual because although she could not physically protect him, he still felt safe in her home. (p.12). ` Shosha presence seems to give Aaron much confidence and power, to the point where he begins to boat and exaggerate his accomplishments. Shosha was the only person he could tell his fantasies and dreams, because she was willing to listen without criticizing, with every story Aaron told, Shosha was able to contribute to the betterment of

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