Single Gender Schools Are Better Than Coed Schools

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Have you ever wondered if single-gender schools are better than coed schools? Each side has advantages, but there are also disadvantages to them. My thoughts on this subject is coed schools aren’t as supportive and beneficial as single-gender schools. I think this for many reasons, including that single-gender schools improve student collaboration, self-improvement by not worrying about being judged by the breaking down of stereotypes, and teachers can use better teaching techniques when teaching one gender classes. Although, some people might think otherwise, that coeducational schools prepare students for the outside world more effectively, I think differently. In my own opinion, I indeed think that single-sex schools are better than coed schools. Single-gender schools improve student collaboration. Students seem to work better with the same gender. Since they are with the same gender as them, they develop better collaboration skills and get things done faster. "We have seen many students start to focus heavily on academics," Rojas continued. "They no longer clown or try to impress the opposite sex. Girls are more apt to answer questions aloud in class as well as ask them. Girls are learning to be more academically competitive and boys are learning to collaborate." (Wesley Sharpe, Single-Gender Classes: Are They Better?). Meaning, boys work better and faster when working with other boys without girls in the way and they learn more. Girls also work better and
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