Single Gender Schools

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Many people believe that single gender schools have no positive effect on students, research shows otherwise. In single gender schools there is less drama, it helps preserve culture, there are less stereotypes, and test scores and confidence levels rise. Single gender schools have many positive impacts, and they help students prepare for the future. For starters there is less drama at an all girls school. Since there aren't any guys on campus, you aren't gonna be jealous of a couple at school. Another reason there is less drama is that you aren't vying for the guys attention. This also leads to more modesty. Loran Wilbur , who went to an all girls school said, “There was a lot less pressure for appearance at Wellesley. Girls usually just wore sweat pants and a t-shirt.” Lastly you don't have to worry about how a guys gonna treat you because of how you look. A lot of drama is based on relationships and attractions. Remove the opposite gender from the equation and you have lessened the problem drastically. Next off single gender schools help preserve many different cultures. In the Islamic or Muslim culture the co-ed schools are "promoting illicit relationships, teenage pregnancies, dating, girlfriend-boyfriend culture, extravagance where both sexes throw their parents' hard earned money on materialism and luxurious items to attract the opposite sex" ( The co-ed
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