Single Gender Schools Vs. Coeducational Schools

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Mynae Walker
Mr. Hance
English 12
18 December 2014
Single Gender Schools vs. Coeducational Schools
Children that attend single gender schools are rich. Children that attend coed schools are poor. Children that attend single gender schools are well behaved. Children that attend coed schools are defiant. Will there ever be an end to these stereotypical comments? What is most important is that as long as the child feels comfortable in the right learning environment. It seems that today, this is being misinterpreted.
Amanda Perkins is in third grade and attends a single gender school in Foley, Alabama. Recently she has transitioned from a coeducational school to a single gender school. During her time there, she sees a major difference between the two environments and absolutely loves the school rather than her previous coeducational school. In Amanda’s classroom, she says it is quieter, cleaner, and the teacher shows her a lot of individual attention. Amanda feels that having boys in the classroom takes away her learning opportunity. From Amanda’s previous experience at a coeducational school, boys normally horseplay and are obnoxious and the teacher has a hard time getting the class under control. Amanda feels that a single gender school is better than a coeducational school.
Joshua Harper is in the sixth grade and attends a coeducational in Woodbury, Minnesota. Joshua has never attended a single gender school, and does not really plan to attend one. Joshua likes the idea of…
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