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Running head: Cultural Influence in Development Cultural Influences in Development Fhameka Lewis February 10, 2015 Argosy University Single Moms Single moms face a challenge within their lives. Some mothers become single through divorce and while others become single outside of wedlock. However, there is no set age for a single mom. Statics states that most females become single moms before they finish high school and is receiving some type of government assistance for help. The average single mom has either dropped out of school or working a minimum paying job. Because of the high cost of living rate it is impossible for these single moms to provide a healthy life for their children. Therefore the Department of Human…show more content…
This workshop will be very informative and provide information that will be both beneficial to both parties. The title of the workshop is called Starting over again and will be held on March 18, 2015 during the hours of 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at the Community Center in Jefferson County. The doors will be open to all who wish to attend. The workshop will have specialists who will elaborate on such topics such as: The many challenges faced by returning prisoners, What race has to do with it, how incarceration affects the families and children, and The agencies and organizations that are helping families and prisoners reconnect. There will be discussion on other topics as well. However, during the workshop that will be breakout sessions that will be conducted by counselors for those who are interesting in taking up some type of trade or wants to attend school for a higher education. The goal for the Starting over again workshop is to help the incarcerated individual reintegrate back into his or her community. The encounters that one faces when reentering into the world after jailed can be fearful or frightening. According to statistics there is an estimation of about 10 million admissions and releases. The lives of those who reprocess in and out of prison are facing instability. There are a significant amount of problems that they face on a day

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