Single Parent Education Program : Single Parenthood Is Becoming An Epidemic

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Single Parent Education Program Single parenthood is becoming an epidemic. According to Mullis & Mullis one in five families with children under the age of five is a one-parent family (Mullis & Mullis, 2013). With the rise of single parent households it is essential that families are equipped with the proper tools to navigate single parenthood. My goal for my parent education program involves equipping single parent families with the tools necessary to raise competent adults. Attachment Theory and Educating Single Parents The focus of my parenting program would center on attachment theory. According to our book, ‘understanding how love between a parent and child develops and affects development is the focus of attachment theory” (Holden,…show more content…
This is especially true if a child goes from having two parents in the household to just one. This child may not expect a newly divorced mother to be as available and responsive being that she now has two jobs versus when she only had to work at one job. The child sees that the mother is not home as much and expects that he or she will not get as much attention from the mom as he or she got when both her mom and dad were still together. Dangers of Parentification on a Child’s Attachment One dangerous thing that a parent may do is allowing a child to take the role of a parent. This is called parentification (Byng-Hall, 2002). The term parentification was introduced by Boszomenyl-Nagy. There are two different types of parentification. One is called adaptive parentificaiton that tends to be a temporary role and his or her identity is not tied to the parental role (Byng-Hall, 2002). An example of adaptive parentification would be an older sibling acting as the parent while the parent goes on an errand. Another kind of parentification is called destructive parentificaiton. This involves emotional caregiving that is excessive and developmentally inappropriate (Byng-Hall, 2002). The child has moved from the subsystem of a child or sibling into the subsystem of a parent. The child as a caregiver is the role that is now expected from the child and becomes the child’s primary source of identity. One consequence of parentificaiton is considerable self-blame, which may

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