Single Parent Families Are A Better Environment For Children

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Statistics show that single parent families tend to be more positive than two-parent families because children are more likely to experience fewer problems in a single parent family. Single parent families tend to adopt children from third-world countries, where two-parent families are more likely to adopt from within their own country. Children from other countries normally have attachment issues due to the poverty and culture. By choosing to not adopt children from other countries, those children may suffer even more from poverty and cultural discrimination. Single parent family homes are a better environment for children due to the time, love, and nurture those individuals are able to give. One-parent families who adopt take more…show more content…
In accordance to the article, “Adoption”, “many adoptions occur partly out of a need to find permanent, loving families for children whose parents cannot raise them because of factors such as teen pregnancy or low income.” Other parents choose to become adoptive parents instead being birth parents. Research shows that most adoptions work out well, if not better, and that most adopted children develop strong and healthy. Also, many single parents adopt children because they may not be able to conceive themselves. It is important for single parents to know that they aren’t any less of a parent than one with a spouse. Single parents should be encouraged and shown support rather than being discouraged. Single parents are more likely than a two parent family to adopt, mostly because single parents are not able to have a child without a partner and single parents are normally not looking for a partner (Duin). Single Parent families should not feel the pressure of not being good enough, because any family that does what is best for their child is in the right. Adoptive mothers explain that having a male role model in their child’s life is still important. A grandfather, friend, or even a god father or relative in a child’s life can help to provide a male role model. Some people consider adoption to be a better way of providing the child with a better life, but it is so much more than that. Not only is the child being placed in a loving home, but that child is able to
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