Single-Parent Household Struggle

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In today’s world, it is quite common for a child to grow up in a one parent household. Studies show that “Almost one of every five families with children in the United States in 1979 was maintained by one parent.” (New York Times, 1980) Whether due to a divorce or one parent simply wanting nothing to do with the child, children being without both parents grow up in a different way than those with two parents. The majority of one parent households consist of the mother raising the children however, some single parent home consists of only a father. “Of the children in one-parent households, 89 percent lived with their mothers and 11 percent with their fathers, the study found.” (New York Times, 1988) Losing a parent, or never having known one at all, can cause great damage to a child no matter how old they are. At that point, the remaining parent needs to do all they can to ensure their child still receives enough love and emotional support that is detrimental for all children. Without any doubt, for a single parent who has to work a full time job to support their family, their time is stretched and that makes the situation even more difficult than it already is. Unfortunately, many children in single parent homes do grow up without the amount of attention and affection that they so desperately need. Children who grow up without the amount of attention they need typically exhibit behaviors such as attitude issues, drug and alcohol abuse and engage in destructive behaviors.
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