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Single parenting ALGhaliya AL-dowaiki English Composition 2 Mr.James Philip Date :1/4/2014 Single parenting Introduction Single parenting is one of the most important issues in world. People were not except the idea of single parenting, that one of the parents has the responsibility to take care of the child. They believe that one hand cannot clap. They see that the child should live with his parents not one of them. Nowadays, single parenting become the phenomenon of the time , which mean we can find a lot of children living with one their parents could be the mother or the father. There several reasons that cause single parenting such as; death of a partner and divorce of parents. In this paper I am going deeply in single…show more content…
Grounding both parents’ in the child's life is also important, it’s important to involve both parents equally, even when the child may only be living with one. Communication is key; a parent should never ignore what their child is saying, because they might be saying something that is very important to them. Parents need to make sure they communicate with both each other and their children, about the child's everyday life. Advantages of single parenting There are several advantages of single parenting .first, No compromises. You get to be the sole decision maker. With big decisions, especially if you have an amicable co-parenting relationship, you may have to occasionally consult the other parent. But, for the most part, you get to decide .second, less stress when you are not spending your time and energy fighting with your husband you feel happier .also, you child feel comfortable this create less stress in your home .you finally have the time and energy to spend with your child and you feel happy. Third, children feel like part of the team. Since you will be spending much more time with them alone, they will probably have more of a voice in family decisions. They will learn that what they have to say matters and that willing to listen to their opinions. Finally, one less “child” to care for taking care of kids is one thing, things do get very stressful,

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