Single Parenting in Canada Essay

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Canada's child care policy has always been a topic of heated debate. Presently, Canada is one of the only developed countries worldwide that does not have plan in place for nation wide child care (Hurtig, 2002). Howe & Covell (2007) state that "Canada has failed to make progress toward a system of universal high quality early learning and child care or even toward establishing widespread access to high quality programs" (p.47). According to Campaign 2000, early childhood education programs are an essential component in reducing poverty and providing children with the ’best start in life”. In addition to reducing poverty, early childhood education programs "strengthen the foundations of learning for all children, supports the social …show more content…
The average monthly cost for childcare in Ontario for a toddler is approximately $773 ( The Universal Child Care Benefit, therefore, does not cover the full cost of child care and in addition the UCCB is taxable. Some argue that because the UCCB is universal and is provided to all families including those that are more well off and do not need it, that the money should be redistributed to families with lower incomes (Howe & Covell, 2007).
Similarly, subsidy programs were implemented. These subsidy programs all have eligibility criteria that restrict and/or limit access to individuals. Additionally, those receiving subsidy have to pay user fees (Howe & Covell, 2007).
In the year 2010, there is still not enough space to accommodate 80% of Canadian children in regulated child care spaces across Canada ( According to Campaign 2000 report card out of the spaces that are available the standards are not at an optimal level. In contrast nearly all children have access to kindergarten.
Campaign 2000 reports that despite our current standard of imperfection in providing affordable and available daycare, many provinces have individually began to recognize the need and importance of accessible child care and are moving towards transformation of the current programs we have in place ( For example in Quebec, they have a

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