Single Parents And Single Parent Families

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Children from single-parent homes are likely to go to college than children from dual parent home-annotated bibliography
There are two types of families that exist in the modern-day world, the single parent and dual parent families. Much of discussion has been placed on the growth and development of single families and their behaviors towards their children college education. Single families are becoming the norm and the traditional family of dual parents has been reducing over the decades. The topic on the increasing number of children from single-parent family attending college has been a focus among different scientific scholars. I selected this topic since a lot of the contemporary research has overlooked it. Additionally, I selected this topic since it offers an excellent insight of the shift from the traditional family values of childhood education to the single-family values of children education. This topic tries to examine the absence of one parent in relations to the child’s prospects of joining college. The topic has led me to be aware of the modern views and ideas concerning educating children in college institutions. Moreover, I believe that the topic enlightened me on the educational achievements of children raised in single-parent households compared to those in dual parent households despite the single-family facing several challenges.
Amato, P. R., Patterson, S., & Beattie, B. (2015). Single-parent households and children’s educational
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