Single Payer Healthcare : A Country Lead By Belief

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Single Payer Healthcare America is a country lead by belief. The people are proud patriots under a flag that we name to represent freedom. But even though we parade around with these values firmly caught in our minds, many can stray away from the true meaning to which these values should uphold. As Americans we have the right to choose how we live our lives, with a combinations of many factors such as a free market, numerous job opportunities, and even our personal right to speak anything we wish. Though, there are still flaws even in a country as ambitious as this one. One being our health care lacks to be on par with the rest of the industrialized world. This is mainly the fault of a disagreements between political stances. Our healthcare system right now is mostly privately owned and for profit. Just think about that, for profit. No one 's misfortune of ending up in a hospital should be treated as an opportunity to gain. This profit isn’t even redirected back into healthcare (mostly), but instead placed in the pockets of the insurance owners. There are a multitude of families that can not afford to have the “luxury” of healthcare. A single payer tax system would allow all families to be guaranteed service no matter what their financial stance is. This is the main goal, not to rid the U.S of private doctors and hospitals, but to give the average person the option of health without financial disaster. There is a “bad” word going around right now called socialism. In…
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