Single Payer Healthcare Is A Viable Option For The United States

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A Matter of Ideology Around the world, people often look at the United States for the boundless opportunities afforded to its citizens. However, one thing most of them cannot wrap their heads around is the idea that a person can accrue crippling debt should they become sick. Debate still continues on whether or not single payer healthcare is a viable option for the United States. In the current political climate, arguments for either side turn into a division between ideologies or parties rather than an objective comparison of the options. It is important to discover which system might be best suited, or at the very least, the advantages and disadvantages of each. Much of the data shows that a single payer option could potentially save money and allow more Americans access to healthcare, but do these anticipated advantages outweigh the costs?
Contrary to popular belief, single payer healthcare is not a socialist program. Any time the word “socialist” is attached to any program in the states, a panic similar to the “red scare” ensues. In contrast to a socialist healthcare system where the government would control hospitals and practices, single payer healthcare relies on public money to pay for a public delivery of services. This is similar to many pre-existing socialist programs in the United States, such as public roads and schools.
On the other hand, the private health care system is the one currently used in the United States. This system has drawn wide criticism…
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