Single Payer Healthcare for the United States

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|The Case For Single Payer, Universal Health Care For The United States | | | | | | | | | |Nicole Jones | |April 2011 | |HS 544 Health Policy and Economics | |Fowler…show more content…
However, a more difficult dimension of these systems that has not been comprehensively or definitively evaluated is whether the health outcomes of patients of both countries are equivalent given similar treatments or procedures. Relatively few studies have been done which attempt to address this issue. Those studies that have attempted to determine any differences in health outcomes resulting from differences in the health care systems that have focused on a limited number of diagnoses, treatments or procedures. This analysis represents an exploratory examination of these studies. It will look at: 1. the robustness of the literature in this area, both in terms of assessing quality of care and in comparing the outcomes of Canada and the United States 2. reported differences in health outcomes between the United States and Canada 3. how outcome differences have been linked to the quality of care This information will provide an initial step toward a more detailed examination of this issue. Assessment of quality of care can occur at one or more levels, from the care provided by an entire health system or plan provided by an individual hospital of health professional. Quality of care is the fundamental goal of health care, yet it is difficult to define. It is a concept that health care policy and programming strives for, and that many have attempted to elucidate. Given its many components and manifestations, defining and quantifying
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