Single Person 's Talent Or Effort Essay

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Project is never outcome of single person’s talent or effort. It would have been impossible to complete this journey without support & encouragement of lots of people. This project work has been the most practical and exciting part of our learning experience, which would be an asset for us for our future. No system is created entirely by an individual. Many people have helped us to create this application and each for their contribution has been valuable. Proper organization of concept and analysis of the system is due to taken to keep interest and helping hand of our teachers and colleagues. Our most sincere thanks to our head of the department Mrs. Urvisha Patel and our project guide Mr. Mayank Chauhan for the kind of co-operation and for guiding, encouraging and motivating us through out in the project. At last we would like to thank all those people who have helped or assisted us in any way, directly or indirectly to make our project successful. No words can express the deep gratitude for all of you. Submitted by: Mayur Patel (130333131072) Jinesh Patel (130330131059) Nikunj Patel (130330131079) Smit Patel (130330131091) ABSTRACT Project topic:Mobile Village(M-Village) The main Objective of this "Mobile Village" Project is to provide information about village and also provide the various facilities which makes the villagers life easy & time saving. In this project we make our
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