Single Sex And Co Educated Schools

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The debate on utilizing single sex or co-educated schools has been around for far too long. However, this controversy will come to an end today. No one should look and depend on the bright side only, because single sex schools are not exactly what everyone expects. Do people really expect for a child’s grades to improve at an instant? Psychological problems will begin to increase if students do not interact with the opposite sex. Students will lack the advantages of the co-educational elementary, middle, and high school experience. Society may claim a single sex school environment will completely help develop education for students, but they are wrong. Parents may expect their children to improve academically once they are put into a single gender school environment, however, “Just putting girls in one room and boys in another is no guarantee of success. As already noted, and as with anything else in education, adequate preparation in proven, evidence-based strategies is key” (NASSPE). Parents just cannot expect automatic grade boosting. This theory does not work this way. In fact, placing a group of students into a single sex environment will not guarantee success for each member of the group. What happened to all students learning differently individually? “Research studies on learning styles have shown that learning can be enhanced through consideration of personal characteristics in design and delivery of the instruction” (Çakıroğlu 162). This is why we should
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