Single-Sex Classrooms Are Not The Answer! Essay

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Did you know that single-sex classrooms are the worst classes ever? Over the past decade, single-gender classrooms have been opened in at least 230 schools in the rural, suburban, and the urban areas. Single-gender classrooms are classrooms where either young girls’ are in one class together, or young boys are in another class together. Single-sex classrooms were created because studies showed that boys and girls learn differently and they could benefit from being in a classroom with peers to whom they can relate. Since 2008, single-gender education has been the key to improved educational performance among boys and girls throughout the years. Today, gender differences among girls and boys are steadily rising in the classrooms they are in,…show more content…
An article that was written about a school in Texas stated that more than 50% of boys and girls in single-gender classrooms cause disruptions, and they bring their behavior from home into the classrooms at school. In an article, it stated that “in October of 2006, federal regulations established the requirements for legally permissible single-sex schools and classes within the public system; nearly 200 schools in South Carolina have single-gender classrooms” (“Single-Sex Education Spreads” 2). Teachers’ interest often drives the attention of students to single-gender classes, and growing interest from their parents is also pushing more schools and districts as they hear about these classrooms (“Single-Gender Classrooms” 2). While teachers and administrators prefer this environment, boys and girls in single-sex classrooms are influenced to distract and be distracted by their friends, and the people around them. They seem to doodle, daydream, and lose their thought in the classroom because of their surroundings. In a newspaper article, “Should Children Be Taught in Single-Sex Classrooms”, the author says pupils fail to develop relationships with the opposite sex if they are taught in a single-sex environment because they both tend to be drawn into conflict amongst each other, they are distracted by what others are doing in the classrooms, and they are not themselves because they are being forced into an unfamiliar environment they do not
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