Single-Sex Education : Is One Gender Enough?

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Is One Gender Enough? Introduction: In 1999, Jefferson Leadership Academies was named the first public middle school in the U.S. to offer an environment fully dedicated to single-gender instruction (Niche). This organization became a milestone for single-sex education and brought attention to the fact that separating genders is beneficial in more ways than one. Our country is known for its prestigious learning system and the endless opportunities provided for its citizens. Immigrants continue to travel from all over to soak up the advantages of the American Dream. We must not take our government’s generous acts for granted, but encourage methods meant to improve success rates among students. In earlier years, women were seen as uneducable…show more content…
As of now, every school that offers single-sex education is a private association. Private schooling tends to cost tens of thousands of dollars that low income families just can't afford. Financial convenience and the separation of hormonal teenagers might be enough for caretakers, but what about the educators? Well, students’ grades often prove to be an accurate representation of one's teaching abilities. The more they excel, the more recognition teachers receive for their commitment. Schools dedicated to a specific gender also allow educators to choose a method of teaching that would most benefit their set of students. Each group of individuals mentioned has much to gain from this unique learning style. Proposal: Considering this, I propose that public school systems give students a choice between single-sex and coeducation in order to further expand their minds and allow them to grow in their chosen environment. A room full of girls is not discrimination towards the male gender, but rather a sisterhood that could last a lifetime. Their platonic connections would become widespread and carry enough importance to withstand anything. Good friends will be there through every heartbreak and offer their shoulder to cry on every time. Apart from deeper connections, single-sex education gives students the resources to learn at their gender specific pace with limited distractions. The
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