Single Sex Education Is Overall More Effective For Most People

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Single sex education is overall more effective for most people. It helps with multiple aspects of a person 's personality. This specific education helps students gain confidence, feel comfortable, and lets students be themselves. It’s no surprise that boys and girls were educated separately in the colonial times (Kennedy). During the 1960s and the 1970s, the number of single sex schools began to decrease. The main reason for this decrease was out of respect for women 's rights and equality. The federal government made single sex public schools illegal in its Title IX legislation. The legislation was set up so that activities meant for women were given the same support financially as men 's activities (Yates). You couldn 't establish single-sex classrooms and schools without providing a school and classroom for both genders, the legislation states. However, in 2006 it changed its regulations when studies showed that girls and boys have different learning styles (Yates). Research shows that girls learn better when it 's warmer in the classroom, while boys tend to learn better when it 's cooler (Stanberry). Girls typically use their words to help explain, but most boys use body language. For example, during a study most girls would rather talk out their thoughts about what they 're learning, but the boys would rather make a project. In single sex schools and classrooms teachers can teach in a way that is beneficial to the specific gender that is in the…

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