Single Sex School Is Not Perfect

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In the history, many famous females get education from single-sex school. Such as, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, Gloria Steinem and Song May-ling. They are Former US Secretary of State, the principal of Harvard University and famous political leader. Absolutely, they come from different countries, even different race, they have the same point which is from single-sex school. It is a very common phenomenon for these people who want to get success study in single-sex school. Nowadays, more and more people try to into single-sex school, and they would rather to pay more tuition to these school instead of coeducational school, and why these school will train a variety of talents? In modern society, most people believe coeducational school is the real school, and only this type of school will give students better future, but another think single-sex school will provide higher education that coeducational school. In my opinion, I strongly believe with the latter idea. Everything has two sides, although single sex school is not perfect, it still have some good points, such as, good teaching facility.
To begin with, single sex school have a more relaxed environment than coeducational school because boys and girls do not need to worry about impressing the other gender. They can be themselves in class and they can speak openly. On the other hand, the student in single sex school are usually more confident because they do not afraid falling on their face in front of the other…

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