Single Sex School and Coed School

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Single-sex and coed schools have long co-exited, each one offering unique benefits. There has been a long standing debate about which one offers a better educational experience for students. Currently, more parents are considering single-sex schools for their children. According to “Single-Sex School Are the Answer,” Maria Espinoza, a worried mother who feels strongly that same-sex schools will help students reach their full academic potential and their personal development which will eventually help them become more successful. She says that if the same sexes are in the same classroom they are more likely to compete against each other and learn better. They do not have to be worry about looking good for the opposite sex. Espinoza…show more content…
If students were to attend same-sex schools they would be more likely to do well than in coed schools. Starsinic says “proponents of all girls’ education believe it allows girls the freedom to be who they want to be.” I believe that learning in an environment, which you do not have to worry about looking good or act a certain way to get attention, would really encourage many students to behave like their true selves. It would also encourage many girls to become more involved in lessons and boost their abilities to excel in male-dominated subjects such as computer science or engineering. Starsinic mentions a study by the Institute of Education in London that girls at single-sex schools are “two times more likely to study non-traditional subjects (science, math, and computer science) classes; where traditionally, boys outnumber girls.” All this will be much easier for both boys and girls if they are in same-sex schools.
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Overall, segregating genders can maximize students’ academic and personal development. Students then can focus more on their learning and will benefit more if all distractions revolving around the opposite sex are eliminated. Thus, once students become competitive they will have the ability to stand up for themselves. Espinoza feels that students can learn and benefit further if they
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