Single-Sex School's Benefits

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Single-sex school 's benefits

In some countries single-sex schools is not provided and against the law. In 2002, only a dozen schools were separating sexes and this research is according to the National Association for Single Sex Public Education. Many parents believe that placing their child in single-sex schools give them sexual freedom. Students in single-sex school benefit more than those in co-education. It improves the behaviour, performance of the students, although boys and girls have different styles of learning.

Most of the people agree on that the behavior of students differs. In co-education schools grades are equally for both genders. Indicting that neither gender is disadvantaged by the other,
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Teachers of single-sex schools do not have to teach a lot of different styles, they just can concentrate on only one teaching style which will help the students a lot to understand easily. Moreover, the concentration of students and participation will increase a lot. Distraction between students will decline. There is assumption here that boys and girls should learn about each other in school. But is the main goal of school is to develop students socially? The assumption is false; other, there are a lot of another ways to develop socially through family, neighbourhood and clubs.

Finally, single-sex school students behaviour is much better than co-education schools students because the distraction vanish, attendance rise and positive attitudes will occur. Most of the people agree on that boys and girls have different styles which decrease there performance. There is kind of learning which is good for boys and not good for girls. Each sex cooperates with each other better than cooperating with the opposite sex. Moreover, single-sex schools help the students to participate more than in co-education schools. So every country should provide a choice to parents to have single-sex education along with co-education.

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