Single Sex Schools

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Kelley Dulaney
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November 16, 2010
Mrs. Farnsworth

Single-Sex Schools Most teenagers don’t like the sound of single sex schools. Our society is so used to the idea of mixed genders in high school. The theory of high school has always been about learning and getting ready for the real world. But it almost seems that the “theory” has been thrown into the shadows and the word high school today is not the same as it once was. Teenagers today think High school is where they meet friends, party and play sports. Learning is no longer the number one reason to go to school. One gender school would be better for students because they have a better chance of
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Students try to make themselves look better picking on each other, just to impress the opposite sex. In reality the same genders get into “fist” fights because of gossip or drama spread through both female and male. With single sex schools there wouldn’t be that everyday problem because students wouldn’t be surrounded by the opposite sex to fire up a conflict.
Most people would be against single sex schools because kids wouldn’t be getting the same “experience” as mixed gender schools. Students in single sex schools wouldn’t be aware of all the violence, drama and life situations between genders, which happen in mixed gender schools. In a way these two types of schools live in different worlds.
Students in one gender schools wouldn’t have as much “dating” experience as a two gender school does. They could meet each other outside of school, but they wouldn’t have much time to get to know each other. Dating experience is important, so a person can be able to handle a relationship. It’s like playing a sport you’re not going be perfect at it unless you practice. Most people meet each other through friends, if you attend a single sex school how are they supposed to know the opposite sex.
With single sex school there would be fewer social gatherings. Also there would be fewer bonds between people and students would have fewer friends. The connection with the opposite isn’t there to experience as to if it was a mixed school students would be

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