Single Stories

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Until this Monday night, as I watched Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie deliver a phenomenal and informational speech on Single Stories, I had yet to even realize such a function of discrimination exist. It came to my attention a single story is developing a generalization regarding an individual based off a single fact or narrative. I sat, rather shocked as I began to grasp that a majority of my had been dominated by Single Stories. Although my teachers have stressed to always contain a well-rounded view of the world and other human beings, I came to the realization that most of what I know of my peers, professors, and products are Single Stories. Moreover, what left me even more astonished was the powerful interactions or relationship that could have…show more content…
For instance, a student in our AP Biology class had failed an exam, which automatically labeled him as lacking the intelligence to complete the course. When it came to picking partners for the lab, since everyone had heard he failed the exam; he would be the last with a partner. Later in the year, I had been paired with him and much to my dismay and embarrassment, he informed me that someone had passed away in his family, because it had occurred on short-notice, as a result, he wanted to continue with the exam. I have to admit because of the single story associated with him, I automatically did not trust him with performing the experiment and took full control myself, not knowing that he probably understood it better than me. At the time, I did not know this was called a single-story, however, I realized there was danger in what I had done, in that I assumed one to be of lower potential and knowledge from a single, mere test score. Another instance in which I conformed to single-stories was while working at Home Depot during high school. Due to my experience in the Kitchen and Bath department, I soon began to train new associates. Similar to the last situation, because word had come out that the associate I was to mentor had committed a misdemeanor crime, I assumed he lacked the intelligence, motivation, and stability to hold a job. Therefore, I focused my efforts elsewhere, if he attempted to start conversation, I would do my best to return to our silence. As time passed, I noticed he began to pick up on tasks himself, would initiate or begin tasks on his own, and he complete these tasks far better than most other employees. Hence, once again my single story had been wrong and from this I realized everyone makes mistakes and there should always room for tolerance as he was attempting to learn and rectify the mistake he had
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