Single System Research Design : A Client With Major Depression

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Single System Research Design: A Client with Major Depression Introduction A Single-system research design (SSRD) is an investigatory approach intended to help the social worker answer the questions of fundamental importance in order to better practice: “Have things changed?” and “Have things changed because of the intervention?” a single-system does not mean that SSRDs are limited to only study things that involve given individuals. It does mean that some single units of analysis is repeatedly measured over time. The unit of analysis in an SSRD can be an individual, a couple, a small group, a family, a community, or society as a whole. The Client System Raquel Robinson is a 40 year old African-American women who brought to the hospital by…show more content…
Although Raquel Robinson revealed that her sister suffers from long-term depression, she denies any psychiatric history on her part. Targeted Situation Major Depressive Disorder has claimed the lives of up to 15% of those suffering from the disorder through suicide (Belmaker & Agam, 2008). Different people are effected by depression in different ways. Some individuals, like Raquel, suffer from loss of interest, feelings of worthlessness, along with thoughts of suicide (Fave & Kendler, 2000). Others go on with their daily routine with a smile on their face, while hiding their emotions. Although most individuals will experience depressed mood or general loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed (Spaner, Bland, & Newman, 2007). In adults Major Depressive Disorder effects twice as many woman as it does men. It is most common between the ages of 25-44 years old (Spaner, Bland, & Newman, 2007). Individuals with a parent or a sibling with the disorder are 1.5 to 3 times as likely to also develop the condition (Fave & Kendler, 2000). Managing or treating a medical condition, like major depressive disorder, can be difficult if the person suffers from clinical depression. The prognosis for their medical problem will more than likely be less positive (Belmaker & Agam, 2008). Selected Intervention and Description When treating clients who suffer from major depressive disorder, psychotherapist focus primarily on the aspects of cognitive
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