Single-sexed or Mix-School Debate

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Which is better for children studying at single sex-school or mixed sex-school? This is the most attracting question to parents when their children have the age of education or the age when they go to school. All parents want for their children the best thing in all life, want for their children things which they can’t do it, so many decision will take on one topic.
Some people see that co-education is the best way of education, co-educational is a system of education boys and girls together.
Boys and girls are different, due to their physical mental; both of them have his/her own style of thinking and getting information or even study. En single sex-school, boys and girls are separated from each other, but they learn in the same way.
Co-educational has many advantages than single sex-school, it prepares boys to talk with the other sex, communicate with each other, develops them personality with both gender behind the other sex, balanced life between boys and girls, accumulated experience from inter-face the other sex and see his/her point of view, as both of girls has his/here own point of view and his/her way of thinking, so both sex improve themselves.
That’s not only advantages of mixed school, mixed school helps confidence in all students and they excel at university as leaders, all of students fell positive, comfortable, and good attitude when they are with the other sex. In-spite of being in a single sex-school is a point of view, but other people see that mixed
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