Singlehood, Hanging Out, Hooking Up, and Cohabitation

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* Jesus Solorio * Prof. Molly Elchlepp Fassler * Psychology 105 * Monday 19th 2010 * Chapter 5 * * * Singlehood, Hanging Out, Hooking Up, and Cohabitation This chapter focuses on the aspects of singlehood and the “benefits” of it as well as the downs. The Primary advantages of singlehood are the freedom that is possessed and the control over their own life. Some of the social movements which promoted singlehood are: - The sexual revolution movement: involved openness about sexuality and permitted intercourse outside marriage. - The women’s movement: Emphasized equality in education, employment and income for women. - The gay liberation movement: Provided support for a lifestyle consistent with…show more content…
Cohabitation is living together before marriage. There is also different name for it such as, Duration of the relationship, Frequency of Overnight Visits, Emotional or Sexual Nature of the Relationship and Sex of the Partners. As well as there are different names of cohabitation there are also different types of it. - Here and now - Money Savers - Rebellious Cohabitates - Testers - Pension Partners - Marriage Never - Engaged - Security Blanket Cohabitates Cohabitating has its pros and cons some of the advantages of it are: Sense of well-being, Delayed marriage, Knowledge about self and partner, and Safety. The disadvantages are: Feeling used or tricked, Problems with parents, Economic disadvantages, Effects on children, and other issues. Common law marriage is when couples that wanted to be married did not have easy or convenient access to legal authorities. My personal Response I believe that everything that was presented in this chapter has very informative features and some or most people could relate to. Personally I don’t have a lot of experience in this field because I’m not at the level where I feel like I’m ready to move out and cohabitate. I know for a fact that some day it’ll happen and I might acquire some features that might not be so suitable, but by reading this chapter I have a broader

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