Singling Out the Jewish People

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Before the beginning of World War II the Nazi party took over in Germany. At its head was a man named Adolf Hitler. For some reason Hitler hated the Jews, we see this in World War II with the Holocaust. The Holocaust started in 1933 when Hitler rose to power; he made a plan in 1941 which was to eradicate the whole Jewish population. Hitler called this plan the “Final Solution” (An Introductory History of The Holocaust). Why did Hitler and the Nazis single out the Jews for genocide? And in what ways did the Nazis single them out? Well first off, Hitler and the Nazis weren’t the first people to treat the Jews poorly; they were just the ones to treat them the worst and the most recent. But up until recent time the Jewish people have always been treated poorly throughout the history of their religion. The Jews have always been like the little guy in school that always gets beat up on. According to the website Why Did Hitler Hate The Jews? Hitler just built upon and used anti-Semitic ideas that already existed from past cultures and societies. The Nazis hatred of the Jews was so different in that they believed that the Jews were biologically and racially distinct, that there was a kind of biological struggle for dominance over the entire human race between the Jews and everybody else (The Nazi Hatred of the Jews). The Nazis singled them out because they thought the Jewish people were pests, the Nazis didn’t even consider them humans, and needed to be eradicated to make the world
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