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Topic: The Past, the Present and Possible Future of SingTel Introduction SingTel is a recognized and successful telecommunication corporation in Asia. This essay will illustrate the past, present and possible future of SingTel and the transformation SingTel had made throughout the years. In addition, it will include the identification of changes SingTel has made and also the demonstration on how SingTel deal with these changes through change management lenses. Company Overview Singapore Telecommunications also known as SingTel Group is a well-known and leading communications group in Asia with a ‘range of communication services and solutions such as fixed, mobile, data, internet, info-communications technology, satellite and…show more content…
The reason behind the curtail of SingTel’s 15 year licence was to be consistent with development in the global industry, keep up with the technological advances and sustaining Singapore’s international competitive advantages and attractiveness to foreign investors. Moreover, S$1.5 billion was compensated to SingTel for the early termination of the exclusive licence (Ure 2008). With the liberalization and deregulation, IDA believed that it would be a fiscal approach to ensure consumers and industry with better quality of services at highly competitive prices. Through this approach, it could also encourage more innovative services and requirements of different market segments could be satisfied with customized solutions (Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore 2009). After the telecommunication in Singapore was fully liberalized in April 2000, SingTel’s performance had slipped in the following years. SingTel had been facing fall in the market share of both mobile and international telephony market from 56% in 2001 to 50% in 2002 and 95% in 2001 to 87% in 2002 respectively (Haracleous & Singh 2005). Furthermore, with the deregulation and the introduction of new foreign entrant such as StarHub and MobileOne Limited (M1), SingTel experienced a decline in its traditional source of income (Yahya 2008). SingTel ended its mobile monopoly as StarHub and M1 were awarded
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