Sinister Games on a Dark Mountain

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It was the darkest night of the year and the winter winds had finally arrived, biting into the skin of the traveler as he pushed onward through the forbidding forest. The villagers had warned him against venturing into the woods after sunset; they pleaded, saying that people had gone into the forest and had never been seen again. But he had a deadline to meet. The traveler was carrying a letter for the magistrate of the county beyond the mountains, a message warning of an impending attack from the south. The traveler had to get to the county before dawn or all would be lost, so he hurried deeper into the unfriendly wilderness. He paused, leaning against an ancient oak to catch his breath. Crack! The traveler’s heart froze in his chest. He looked around wildly, searching for the source of this sound. He was about to call out to determine if the noise had been caused by a person, but the words died in his throat as he heard laughter. The laughter sounded like that of a child but there was something off about it. There was a cruel twinge to the laughter, almost as if it was mocking him. The laughter subsided and was replaced by the sound of something scratching against wood. The scratching noise sounded almost metallic, as if it were made by a knife or a sword. The traveler drew his own blade and shouted “Identify yourself, friend or foe?” The scratching noise stopped abruptly and a child’s whisper replied, “Friend? I’d like very much to be your friend. Let’s play a game.” The

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